Family. Integrity. Kindness.

Because giving back is what drives our family forward

About The
Roach Family

For three generations, the Roach Family has proudly donated time, capital, and resources to various philanthropic causes within their communities. Passing strong ethical values from generation to generation and demonstrating an unparalleled importance to the concept of giving, each member of the Roach family is on a constant journey to improve the lives of those around them. While the passion for a specific project or cause may differ from family member to family member, the vivid commonality amongst the family is a firm belief in inclusivity and treating everyone with respect. The Roach’s along with their extended families, are actively involved in their communities and whole-hearedtly believe in the notion that we rise by lifting others.

Foundation founders Todd and Eric Roach are brothers and second generation owners of Computype, a privately held organization based in St Paul, MN. Computype specializes in the creation and manufacturing of unique tracking solutions to firms who require absolute precision and certainty of data. Focused on driving business growth through the success of people & community, Computype’s vision proudly includes robust strategies for community outreach and volunteering, and is proud to align itself with the Roach Family Foundation.

What We’re
Passionate About

As a family, we believe in ‘handing up’, not ‘handing out’. While the difference in just one small word might not seem significant, trust us when we say that handing up makes the vast difference in the long term success of those we work with. While we all have our own projects and passions, the commonalities behind why we contribute where we do can be summed up in three words: Education, Housing, and Activities.


It should come as no surprise that a stable and safe place to call ‘home’ is often the catalyst for success in other areas of life. We are passionate in our quest to support this basic need for all as it can so often act as a pivotal turning point in the future of a family.


We believe everyone should have the opportunity to continue learning, growing, and improving. It is through continual educational opportunities that we promote personal advancement, career development, and future-ready communities.

Youth Sports

Expanding beyond our dedication to health and wellness, we prioritize involvement in sports programs as a means of also fostering life skills. Leadership, teamwork, dedication, and perseverance can all be learned and strengthened through participation in physical activity.