Roach Family Formally Launches Foundation

Brothers Todd and Eric Roach, co-owner of family-owned Computype located in St Paul, MN, are excited to formally announce the launch of The Roach Family Foundation. 

Focused on improving the lives and futures of those in their very own communities, the Roach Family Foundation is strongly aligned to projects and causes dedicated to providing opportunities for advancement in education, housing, and youth sports. The strategic goal and core belief of the program lies in the ability to provide everyone with the opportunity to strengthen their own future. “In order to make that dream a reality, our program offers participants the platform, tools, and coaching to help establish a solid baseline for personal and professional growth, ultimately setting participants up for long-term success”,  said Todd Roach, co-founder of the Roach Family Foundation.

The list of partnering organizations that share in the foundation’s vision includes Habitat for Humanity, Junior Achievement, the Monarch School, and Gustavus Adolphus’s Tennis and Life Camp (TLC) Program.  Additionally, Roach’s recently launched ForeKidz, a program that focuses on providing kids with the opportunity to learn the focus and discipline associated with the game of golf.  

“It’s important to us to provide participants with not only an opportunity to engage in experiences that may not be within their reach but to also help them in applying the subsequent lessons learned to their overall lives”, said Eric Roach, co-founder of the foundation.  

For three generations, the Roach Family has proudly donated time, capital, and resources to various philanthropic causes within their communities; passing strong ethical values from generation to generation and demonstrating unparalleled importance to the concept of giving. Carrying forward the tradition of sharing the values, ethics, and integrity of the family is what the Roach Family Foundation is all about. 

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